Straight Pride’ Fliers Posted Anonymously

In the days following university Pride Week posters depicting “Straight Pride” were posted up and taken down before much of the student body noticed them.

But the message still reverberated through the U’s gay community.

“To me this speaks of homophobia and the fear of the unknown,” said Charles Milne, director of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center.

Chris Kannon, a work-study student at the center said he thought it was more of a reaction to the unknown.

“I don’t think it was necessarily fear, but it is a response to the discomfort people feel about homosexuality,” he said.

But the fliers’ makers said it was a only a joke.

“We are not trying to make any kind of political or otherwise statement. When I first saw the ‘University Pride’ posters, I was surprised and came up with the Straight Pride flyers as the average joe’s version,” the organizers, who would not identify themselves, said via email. “People take things too seriously and the flyers were meant to bring light to the whole subject.”

The fliers?sporting male and female stick figures holding hands in front of a “U” with the words “straight pride” went unnoticed by many because the janitorial staff tore down the signs because they didn’t have the necessary date stamp on them.

However, the fliers’ makers had other explanations for why they thought they were torn down.

“Most of [the fliers] did not survive their first day of proclamation, whether this is due to humorless officials, gay supremacists or gusts of air?we are left to ponder,” they said.

The organizers did place the email address at the bottom of the fliers, but they listed no names or sponsoring group.

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