We’ve all had them, and we never want to have them again. Dates that seem to be going nowhere. You and your date have already talked about hobbies, education, families, etc., and nothing seems to click. This isn’t you or your date’s fault. There just doesn’t seem to be a spark. Unfortunately, you’ve realized this about 20 minutes too far into the date. As college students, we are bound to have an awkward date at least once in our college career. And that’s being optimistic. Awkward dates seem to be the epitome of college students’ love lives.


More often than not, this awkward interaction spawns from blind dates set up by our peers. Our friends notice we’re lonely or mismatched in a group, so they grab the first available suitor. At first, we may think this is a great idea because, let’s face it, we haven’t gone on a date in a while. However, as the date looms closer, we remember why being single is better.

First dates are hard. They’re even more difficult when you’ve never met the person. You have to answer all those unoriginal questions about yourself.You have to make yourself seem so much more interesting than you think you are, not to mention you still want to have an enjoyable time.

When the conversation lags or something astonishingly embarrassing happens, you need a way to make up for it. These tips will hopefully inspire some creativity when it comes to dating.


1. Stock up with candy

Sugar is a remarkable thing. It can turn a boring moment into an exhilarating one. Also, let’s face it, everybody loves candy. If you don’t, you’re crazy, and if they don’t, they’re not worth dating.

Remember when you were young and your mom would keep a handful of candy in her purse? You would cooperate just so you could get some candy. Why not use that logic in a date situation?

You and your date awkwardly have your heads down staring at your shoes and hoping one of you will think of something the least bit interesting to say. All of sudden, you remember you have a bag of M&Ms in your bag. You whip open the bag, offer the delicious snack and immerse in a fabulous conversation of “What is your favorite candy” while marveling in a sugar rush.


2. Create a Game

Anything could be made into a game. People-watching is a fun game. While on your date, find a person or group of people and come up with a scenario. Pretend you’re that person, and make a dialogue to go along with their actions. This can become a light and humorous way to relieve the stress of talking only about yourself. It can also give you a way to further understand your date.

If all else fails, you can always whip out your phone and play a few rounds of Trivia Crack.


3. Act interested in everything they say

Sometimes, when you are expecting the date to go horribly wrong, you let yourself lose interest in what your date is saying. However, there is a way to correct your boredom. Just act overly interested in everything your date says.

Instead of settling for a makeshift conversation, liven it up with a little acting. You may be so good at pretending to be interested, you actually become interested. This will make your date seem a lot more interesting without making you seem like an impolite date.


Even if you and your date find out you are really not meant for each other, you can at least have an entertaining time by implementing some of these tips. Good luck, and happy dating!


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