(Photo Courtesy of ASUU)
(Photo Courtesy of ASUU)
(Photo Courtesy of ASUU)

ASUU was hit by a snowstorm this election season, with the majority of legislative and executive positions going to members of the Snow Party.


Of the 89 candidates who ran for ASUU Senate or Assembly, only six winners were from the Empower Party. All three executive seats went to the Snow Party. Ambra Jackson, newly elected student body president, said election results have never been so dominated by one party in the U’s history. But she believes all of the members, despite previous party allegiances, will be able to work together as a united body.

“I think the Empower and Snow candidates will work fine together because campaigning is over,” she said. “It’s no longer about what party you are with, it’s about representing the students as one organization as ASUU.”

Anthony Fratto, the new vice president, described the upcoming year as one of cooperation.

“Once elections are over, party differences completely disappear,” he said. “All of the candidates want to help fund the students they were elected to represent. That’s all that matters after elections, and I fully believe they will put aside any election differences they may have had to serve the U.”

Fratto said the large success of the Snow Party is due to the candidates’ heavy involvement during campaigning.

“Our Assembly and Senate candidates were out tabling from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day for two weeks,” he said. “This was during intense weather storms as well.”

Rachel Wootton, the current senate chair of ASUU, said historically elected members have worked well together despite having been on different party tickets.

“While we may run with different parties, we all share an interest in improving student experiences at the U and representing students in our colleges well,” she said.

The primary function of the Assembly is to fund student groups and organizations. Members work to ensure that students actually use the money that is allotted to them. The Senate supports student advisory committees from each college.




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