(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)
(Photo by Dane Goodwin)

The last Crimson Nights of the year wasn’t the blockbuster hit it was expected to be.

The theme on Friday night was Hollywood, and venues consisted of a photo booth, an oxygen bar, karaoke, a dance floor, a magic show and popcorn. Arianna Morena, a freshman in pre-dentistry, said this particular Crimson Nights didn’t have as many people.

“Last time, there was more of a variety, and I think that is important,” Morena said. “The only way to make this night more fun and more exciting would be if more people were here. I don’t want to do some of the activities, such as karaoke, because it’s uncomfortable to sing to one person and some of UPC.”

An estimated 500 people were in and out of the Union throughout the night.

Paulina Liepinyte, a freshman in chemistry, said the lack of attendance could have been due to the Greek life functions happening the same night.

“I know a lot of formals are happening the same weekend, which is why I think more people aren’t here,” Liepinyte said.

Depsite the small crowd, Morena said she will attend next time, but she hopes it’ll be a more memorable night.

“I think UPC needs to put on a better Crimson Nights in the future,” Morena said. “I want a night to remember, [and] the only part of this night I’ll remember is the fact that the Students For Choice table had dildos.”




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