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We devoted a blog to what we’ll miss as we walk through graduation and start to move on with our lives. But now we want to share with you what we’re never going to miss. And to be frank, whether you’re graduating or if you have 7 years left, these things will probably all remain the same. Enjoy your summer off from the following, if you’re not taking summer courses, but if you are, best of luck:

1. Group projects. Enough said.

2. Being forced to take a 7am class because that’s the ONLY class time that works with the rest of your schedule.

3. Being at the mercy of public transportation. Sometimes the bus is just not coming, so you’re not going to make it to class today.

4. Being on campus from 7am-7pm and returning home to continue working on the ridiculous amount of homework you have. You’re never actually finished because what you didn’t finish today, will roll over to tomorrow.

5. Expensive sub-par food. Why is this a thing?

6. Trudging through the rain/sleet/snow, any sort of precipitation really, on our vastly large campus, which is on a hill.

7. Cram sessions and all-nighters, those need to be a thing of the past. No one does well cramming or forcing your brain/body to work longer than intended.

8. That one kid in class who continually reminds your professors about homework or tests, DUDE, why?

9. On the flip side that one kid in class who never stops talking to the teacher. They have a comment for literally everything, and you’ve been fortunate enough to have him/her in ALL of your classes.

10. Finals week in general, but THANK YOU to all of the Professors/University for scheduling all of my finals one ONE day. You da real MVP.

11. PARKING. You’d think the U would figure it out, but hey, I like driving around for 45 minutes looking for a spot. It just made my 10 minute commute turn into a 55 minute commute.

12. UCONNECT. Good-freaking-bye. You’re awful.

13. Almost being killed by scooters/bikers/long boarders, anything with wheels really, you’re terribly inconsiderate.

14. Still being called on when I certainly DIDN’T have my hand up. I don’t know the answer to your question. Hand up YES, hand down NO.

15. When it snows and the snow piles up on a tree, and you happen to be walking underneath one of the 40,000 trees on campus and that pile of snow is now down your back and on your face. Thank you.

16. Bizarre class deadlines. Have you ever had an assignment due by 4:36 pm on a Tuesday? Yeah, me too.

17. A giant backpack. I think most of us have been able to get away with just bringing our laptop to class, but for those unfortunate souls who have to bring their textbook, their notebook, their practice book, their calculator, and their first born child (yes this does happen) to class, we’re sorry.

18. Paying to print. We pay so much in tuition, why can’t we print a few pages here and there for free?

19. The obstacle course of A-frames in the Library Plaza. This could totally be a personal problem, but I’ve been so preoccupied talking to people that I’ve walked into one of the 16 a-frames they have set up. Does anyone really read those?

20. Having to attend class, pay attention, tests and submit assignments in general will be really nice to never have to complete again.


We know the real world is supposedly “big, bad and scary” and there’s tons to learn still, but moving on from college is a huge step that we think we’re more than ready to take. I might be ready to return to campus shortly after graduation due to real life problems, but for the time being let’s GTFO.


Written by: Nicolette Barba and Bailey Sargent


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