PRO: Giving your mind a much needed rest.

CON: Forgetting how to think, study, or write and having to learn it all over again in September.

PRO: Being able to work full time in order to save money for the coming semester.

CON: Realizing how tiring it is to work full time and the depression that stems from your existential realization that the rest of your life following graduation will comprise an endless number of eight hour work days.

PRO: The NBA Playoffs are on.

CON: There’s nothing else on. Unless of course you enjoy baseball for some reason. Just a long long wait for football to start up again.

PRO: Those cold and rainy spring days are gone so you can finally get outside and enjoy Utah’s beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities.

CON: Realizing that it’s hot as hell so you stay inside all summer, enjoying air conditioning and Netflix.

PRO: Sun-tanning!

CON: Skin cancer…

PRO: Finally having time to start that novel you want to write.

CON: Coming to the sad realization of how lazy and unproductive you are when left to manage your own time.

PRO: Going to summer blockbusters, concerts, amusement parks, and festivals.

CON: Not having any money left for school at the end of the summer.





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