In the spring of 2014, pop front-runner Katy Perry turned heads when she tweeted a link to a dark, freaky little nugget of pop music. The song was “CATCH,” and Allie X, the enchanting provocateur behind it, was largely unknown by the general public (or really anyone, for that matter). The lyrics are dark, comparing a bad relationship to a menacing, manipulative psychiatric doctor, but the instrumental and calculated beat is catchy as hell.

At the time Allie X only had one other song released: “Prime.” Capturing much of the same synthetic verve as “CATCH,” “Prime” draws from similar thematic inspirations as well.

Medicine was one of the major focuses of these two songs. The sentiments are unique and had rarely been touched on in pop music to that point. Allie X started her career in pop writing for other artists. For much of Allie X’s career, what she had written contributed greatly to the interest and hype she procured over the following year.

After Katy Perry’s infamous tweet, a wave of excitement came cascading down on Allie X. Such high-exposure publicity would push most music industry hopefuls eagerly into the spotlight. Allie X, on the other hand, stepped back into the shadows of pop music, practicing calculated restraint. She released only one more single on SoundCloud in the following year, “BITCH,” which moved to provoke again, but in an entirely different way.

After over a year of eager anticipation, CollXtion I (Allie’s debut album) was finally released on April 7, 2015. The album includes each of her pre-released songs with the addition of tracks like “HELLO” and “Sanctuary,” both of which explore a territory far happier than in “CATCH” or “Prime.” However, the album caps off at seven tracks, which leaves the listener begging for more. Be sure to give Allie X a shot; she very well may be the next big name in pop music.



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