Movies come out every week. Some are received well by the public, win awards and make it onto everyone’s movie shelves. But there are also those that simply go unnoticed. This could be due to poor advertising or the release of another movie at around the same time that receives more credit. However, these films should not just be put to the side.

Here are four of my favorite underrated films, including touching indies, adventurous Disney animation and inspiring sports flicks.

What If (2013)

Wallace meets Chantry. Chantry has a boyfriend. Wallace decides to be just friends with Chantry. A loyal friendship begins, but feelings arise. “What If” is one of those typical stories of being stuck in the friend zone and falling for the best friend. The difference: “What If” is one of the closest-to-reality romantic comedy movies I have ever seen.

Daniel Radcliffe steps out of his “Harry Potter” days and joins Zoe Kazan in this film full of wit, passionate quotes and humorous one-liners. “What If” spectacularly captures the reality of falling for your best friend, even when all odds are against you.

50/50 (2011)

“50/50” is a story with emotional content and deep conversations, dealing with the hard and delicate topic of cancer with sly humor and touching realizations.

Based on the story of Seth Rogen and his friend, who was diagnosed with cancer, “50/50” tells the story of Kyle, who is given a 50/50 chance of surviving cancer. His whole world is turned around, and he has to figure out how to live with a disease that could take his life. With the help of his best friend and a medical therapist, Kyle finds just what he needs on his road to recovery.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rogen accurately portray a friendship torn by cancer. With the help of costars Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard, “50/50” is definitely a film that deserves more attention.

Treasure Planet (2002)

After rebellious teen Jim Hawkins gains possession of a map to Treasure Planet, he joins a motley crew on an adventure through space. Trouble arises when pirates reveal themselves as part of the crew, mutiny and take over the ship. Jim, his friend Doppler and Captain Amelia must stop John Silver, Jim’s former mentor, from stealing the treasure before Treasure Planet blows up.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, “Treasure Planet” explores space in the future and is an easy, family-friendly movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Thompson voice two of the main characters, making it a respectable film.

“Treasure Planet” is a Disney animated adventure film with comic relief, fantasy and treasure.

Rudy (1993)

“Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” The fans and players cheered as Rudy walked on to the field.

After being told he’s too small for college football, Rudy doesn’t give up but instead inspires his teammates. “Rudy” tells the true story of an unexpected football player fighting for his dreams to play for Notre Dame Football.

Made in the ’90s, “Rudy” still comes up as one of the better sports films. Sean Astin stars as Rudy and is supported by costar Jon Favreau. Greatly underrated, this film takes “chasing your dreams” to a whole new meaning.


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