Here’s your Daily Utah Chronicle pop culture round-up: for everything you missed this week in pop culture because you were too busy doing things that actually matter, like homework.

Starbucks is now offering delivery, but only to residents of Seattle. While that may not seem newsworthy if you live anywhere but Seattle, it is. This is the first time Starbucks has delivered, so if it goes well in Seattle, it may be expanding to other cities.

There’s a new “Batman v Superman” trailer out. The movie does not lack action, that’s for sure. So much happens in the trailer alone that watching the movie will probably feel something like getting placed into Math 1030 and accidentally going to a high-level calculus class. Superman and Batman are warring, of course, but then Lex Luthor and another character from the DC universe are thrown into the mix.

Speaking of superhero movies, the trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” came out, and it looks intense. I’m a little biased because Captain America is and always has been my favorite superhero, but this movie looks amazing. I will admit, it’s yet another case of studios trying to keep a franchise alive as long as it’s profiting, but I think it’s okay in this case. The trailer features Captain America’s friend Bucky, who was the Winter Soldier in the second movie. Of course, Iron Man is also in it because he’s the one who generates the most revenue for Marvel.

There’s going to be a “Toy Story 4” because movie studios don’t know how to let franchises die (see above). Tom Hanks broke the news on his Instagram as he announced that he was heading to the studio to lend his voice for his iconic Woody character.

Beans from “Even Stevens” is working at a mall as one of Santa’s helpers. I don’t really know what else to say about this, but it felt like news. Clearly his acting career really took off.


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