Music in English is all fine and good, but you may be missing out on some great Spanish versions of some of your favorites. Use this Spring Break to improve your Spanish skills — take a listen and compare these songs that have versions both in English and in Spanish. Vamonos!!!!!


“Loba” — Shakira

You’ve probably heard the English version of this one, “She Wolf.” You may not have known that a Spanish version exists, but since Shakira hails from Colombia, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. This is one you should listen to while watching the music video as it displays all the best of Shakira — both her voice and her smokin’ body. Watch as Shakira interpretive dances beneath the moon, howls and croons about being a loba — you might just like the Spanish version better than the English.


“Loco En El Coco” — Cypress Hill

This is another song you have probably heard in English. “Insane In The Membrane” is a song by popular hip-hop group Cypress Hill, one of the first widely successful Latin American hip-hop artists. Many people are unaware of the band’s Spanish music. “Loco En El Coco” is a great place to start. The song just sounds better in Spanish. It has more depth, and you will suddenly know how to say so many useful things in Spanish like “loco en el coco.”


“Hotel California” — Gipsy Kings

If you are accustomed to The Eagles’ original, crooning, slow-paced “Hotel California,” then check out this upbeat Spanish version. Gipsy Kings is a band from the south of France that performs their music in Spanish. Their parents were all gitanos, Spanish gypsies who fled persecution to seek refuge in France, hence the French guys speaking Spanish. This musical influence is evident in their rendition of “Hotel California,” with rapid guitar and vocals that will make you want to dance.


“Shake It Off (Muevete)” — Keven Karla and La Banda

You may have never thought to listen to a Taylor Swift song in Spanish. Swift herself does not sing in Spanish, but Kevin Karla and La Banda have made Spanish covers of many of Swift’s hits. “Shake It Off” is one of the best of these covers. It meshes up remarkably well with the original, and the addition of a male voice actually does wonders for the texture of the music. The lyric music video will have you singing along in Spanish in no time, with helpful and energetic Spanish lyrics leaping up on the YouTube video. You could watch one after the other and improve your language skills in no time, or at least you’ll know how to say things T-Swift would say.


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