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Next year, the Lassonde Institute will offer over $400,000 in scholarships to students accepted in leadership roles to run the facility’s programs.

About 200 positions will be open to applicants, which is more than double the amount currently offered. Most of the scholarship funding comes from donors.

Kathy Hajeb, Lassonde Institute Director, said they’ve seen an increase in donors since construction began on Lassonde Studios. Hajeb said there will be new programs including an Art Experience and a Food Entrepreneur program.

Hajeb said the goal is to offer “really diverse opportunities so students can practice leadership skills at the U.”

To receive a Lassonde scholarship, students apply for student-led leadership positions. All majors can apply.

Collin Dumke, a senior in finance and information systems, is the current chair of Lassonde’s student development program. Started this year, the program provides participants with skill-based workshops and mentoring for those interested in the basics of entrepreneurship. Dumke said he managed events and gained valuable skills in a leadership position.

“I don’t see myself being an entrepreneur,” Dumke said, “But I’ve gained a lot of great entrepreneurial and management-type skills as a part of this experience.”

Dumke said he worked about 16 to 17 hours a week last fall, and about 12 hours a week this semester. As compensation he received a $10,000 scholarship for the year. Although Dumke’s position has already been filled for the upcoming academic year, he said other director opportunities are open for application.

Dumke said he highly recommends that students apply because “you can learn super valuable skills, like marketing and event logistics.”

Lauren Howells, a fourth year working towards her JD and MBA, was a student associate last year and a director this year. She currently helps to manage teams of graduate students with their entrepreneurial ventures.

Howell said whether she eventually goes into business or law, she values the “real life, hands-on experience” and received “constant feedback in a situation where the cost of error is less than if you were actually on the job.”

Howell said 30 student associates are hired each year, and receive a $3,250 scholarship each semester to work approximately 10-15 hours a week. The deadline to apply to most positions is April 15.

Students interested in these scholarships and positions can find applications and information here:



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