It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to ask your crush out on a date. With so many great romantic date spots on the U campus, every day is a great day to treat your crush to an amazing time for cheap. Here are some of the top picks for first date spots on campus that are sure to lead to a second.


Hurry and grab your date before the demolition of the splendor that is Orson Spencer Hall, located directly next to the Union and across from LNCO. Many have been lamenting the wrecking of the building, planned for this fall. And who can blame them? With so many romantic nooks and crannies, it is a hot date spot on campus. The dirt, grime and questionable building integrity only add to the romantic mood.

“Sound Booth” in the Chrony office

A radio station is a classic and classy first date location. But a quickly-constructed sound booth is just as cool, and it will make your date a memorable one. Located in the Daily Utah Chronicle office in the Union, this small corner offers you unparalleled privacy with four thin cubicle walls and no roof. There are also plenty of entertainment options to be had in the booth, with tangled wires and empty table space to spread out a picnic.

Basement of the Naval Sciences building

Need I say more?

Union Parking Lot

Chances are, you have seen plenty of movies where the young couple, so in love, park in a dark parking lot to make out in the car. There is no need to drive to some remote location to make this a reality for your first date. Hell, you don’t even need a car. The Union parking lot has plenty of space between the parking stalls to roll out a blanket. And after your “picnic” you can take the bus home, with UTA stops conveniently located next to the lot.

Dumpster behind the Union

This one is all-inclusive. Don’t have the money to buy your date dinner? Take them to the dumpster behind the Union for free food smells and a good time. Not only are the scents wafting from the Panda Express overwhelmingly delicious, but there is a chance that you can time your evening correctly to intercept the Einstein’s leftovers as they leave the building in a trash bag. There’s nothing like trash and free bagels to turn that spark into a wildfire.

Abandoned Field House

Ever since the field house closed and its facilities found a new home in the Student Life Center, the building has looked pretty lonely. Often the students working out in the new facility long for the stuffy, hot and outdated facility that they used to frequent. Bring your date back to the abandoned building to re-live the glory. Lurk in the shadows. Breaking and entering is both exhilarating and a great bonding activity.

The underpass between campus and stadium parking lot (at night)

As most U students know, the underpass linking campus to the stadium parking lot is a festive and friendly place to hang out. Wait until nightfall and spread out a picnic in the tunnel. The fluorescent floodlights click on in the evening and will make your skin glow beautifully. You might just steal your date’s heart with this location.

Finding date spots that are both cheap and scenic can be difficult. Luckily for U students, there are plenty of great locations on campus that will make your date swoon.


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