Surviving the week after Spring Break is a feat in its own right. The end of the semester feels so close, and yet so far away. Here are a couple of songs to get you up in the morning and help you make it through the dreaded first week back and on to the finish line.

“Eye of The Tiger” — Survivor

Chances are you have heard this one multiple times. There’s nothing like “Eye of the Tiger” to get you out of bed on the days after a week off from the daily grind. You will truly be inspired by “the thrill of the fight.” There are many versions of this song, but the classic always seems to hit the spot.


“Stronger” — Kanye West

This is also a hit that has been around for a while. It’s another motivational number that may make it easier to get up and tackle that morning class, get that project done or even hit the gym in the afternoon. Whatever you need to get pumped up for, put this one on the playlist. It’s catchy and has a beat that will make you want to move.


“(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” — Beastie Boys

Put your headphones in and turn up the volume for this one. This fast-paced classic might just help you get your heart beating. If you feel a little angry that you have to be back to classes this one will definitely mirror your frustration. Instead of punching a wall, listen to some Beastie Boys on your walk across campus. This one is all about not wanting to go to school, so keep fighting for your right to party … on your way to class.


“Ante Up” — M.O.P.

If you’re looking for a bit of a rude awakening to get you out of bed in the morning, blast this number. This is another one with lots of shouting — it will help you let off some of that anger you may have at the system for making you get up in the morning to get an education. Time to ante up!


“Heads Will Roll” — Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This one will also make you want to move. The vocals are strong, slightly violent and angry, which is perfect for school. Check out the music video for this one too — it has some pretty sweet costumes and some scary monster action.


Add these songs to your playlist to get pumped up for the home stretch of the semester. You can make it through!



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