The season of study spot hunting has begun. Soon, students will be wandering all over campus looking for the best place to hunker down and get some solid studying done (or Netflix binging; we don’t judge). Here’s a list of some prime study locations to get you started:

The Carolyn Tanner Irish Humanities Building — Lobby

Not only does this building boast great natural lighting and comfy couches, it also has several table spaces and private rooms perfectly suited for sitting down and staying awhile. Biggest perk: Tony Caputo’s Deli is a campus favorite and can be found on the main floor. Try their popular spaghetti meatball plate or their chai latte.

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The Marriott Library — Family Reading Room

The Marriott Library has five levels, each of which have their own unique study spots. A less well-known one is the Family Reading Room, where students with young children can bring them along and study. There are fun activities for children like story time and crafts, as well as a Juvenile Collection and an Apple TV. If students want to keep their little ones close while they study, there are private rooms that can be reserved as well.

“It’s so nice to have a place where I can still be with my family and my two kids can have fun while I can get some work done,” said U student Katie Metts.

The Union Building — Crimson Student Lounge

The Union is a great resource for students. It provides several different dining options that include Panda Express and Jamba Juice, and fun activities such as bowling, pool tables and even video games. But if you’re in the mood to do a bit of work, the Student Lounge is the place to be. Found on the second floor, the Student Lounge has plenty of tables and the fireplace in its center will keep you feeling warm during the cold months to come. Are you an international student or studying a foreign language? The new large screen TV features over 100 international stations, so international students can enjoy listening to the news in their native language, while those studying a new language can get more exposure to the culture and language.

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David Eccles School of Business Building — Student Lounge

You don’t have to be a business student to enjoy this beautiful building. Best known for its tall glass walls, which let in tons of natural light, there is also the Café Madsen and a student lounge on the sixth floor that can be enjoyed as well. If you’re a student who enjoys a view while you work, this is the study spot for you.

President’s Circle — Park Building

Do you enjoy a clean, quiet study space? Then the Park Building in the middle of President’s Circle is a spot you’ll have to check out. The Park Building houses the offices of the president and administrators of the U and it maintains a professional, calm environment as a result. There are several small rooms on the main floor where you can steal away for those moments between classes when you want to get some solid work done. If you’re seeking some additional inspiration, there’s always the chance that you might run into President Pershing.

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

If you’re looking to study in a place full of creativity and innovation, the Lassonde Studios are the perfect fit. Opening their doors for the first time this fall, the Lassonde Studios include tools such as 3-D printers, co-work space, prototyping tools and more. The motto for the institute is “Live. Create. Launch.” and its goal is to inspire students in all majors. This is the perfect place to get to work on your homework or, if you’re particularly ambitious, your new business enterprise.



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