Student clubs and organizations gathered together for Plazafest January 8th in the Union Ballroom. Photo credit: Chris Samuels

PlazaFest: the perfect opportunity for students to network, explore and meet up with people that have similar interests. It may even be the perfect chance to get involved with the more obscure groups on campus — you know — the totally bizarre and seemingly useless groups that only the most creative and adventurous souls could have come up with. While I totally support joining groups that will further your academic and professional futures, I think escaping the intensity of your career track just a little bit while you’re young and in school holds equal importance.

Listen to some of the creative and interesting clubs that other schools have come up with (and hopefully the U is able to contend with). According to Rachel Kossman of, students of Carleton College organized a group called the Mustache Club where students are able to meet and mingle with others who have similar tastes in facial hair. Women are even encouraged to join the organization to help “in spreading mustache awareness.” The University of Michigan has come up with the Squirrel Club, which allows students to interact with supposedly massive squirrels by feeding them peanuts each week. They even had t-shirts made, which boosted their campus credibility and popularity. Some other interesting groups include the People Watching Club of the University of Minnesota and the Clown Nose Club at North Carolina State University which encourages students to blatantly ignore social norms and observe the public’s reactions.

Forget the notion that college is strictly about hustling through your degree because you “have to,” and join the damn “Wizards and Muggles” club, even though its social acceptability may be waning. I mean, while it’d be fascinating to be a middle-aged accountant who secretly lives to go LARPing in Sugarhouse Park every Sunday afternoon, wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could start now? In other words, it’s okay to break out of your bubble and take a risk or two to explore different and interesting aspects of the U’s campus life. If you’re willing to give it a chance, odds are you’ll meet some of the coolest people around and make some of the most lasting memories of your college career.



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