The Utah football team is on the verge of a new season and fans are getting hyped about the dawn of a new era of Utah quarterback. But for fans who are wondering about whatever happened to Travis Wilson, they should not visit his Wikipedia page for information.

The first paragraph states that Wilson was born in 1984, which would make him 32. That can’t be right. Anyone who saw Wilson’s attempt at facial hair knows that it was already a stretch to believe he was older than 18.

It says that Travis Wilson played quarterback for the U. Okay, good. At least they got that. Then it says that he was taken by the Cleveland Browns in the 3rd round of the 2016 NFL draft, which definitely didn’t happen.

Looking into the details of his early life only adds more confusion. The page says that he played wide receiver in high school and went to the University of Oklahoma.

As it turns out, the page is actually about this Travis Wilson:

So, when your professor said that Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source of information, they were actually right.

As of now, there is no accurate Wikipedia page for (Utah’s) Travis Wilson. Now maybe there’s no need for him to have a page, considering that his professional career has about as much promise as a Donald Trump victory in November. But, he was an important part of Utah football’s transition into the Pac-12. Despite some struggles, Wilson had some great moments and even set some school records.

That’s why we as a Utah fan base need to step it up and make him his own Wikipedia page (instead of hijacking the page of Travis “Oklahoma” Wilson.



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