The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute was founded in 2001
The Lassonde Institute on campus is nearly complete on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The new Lassonde building is finally open for business, and among many of its exciting features is a new monthly event called Coffee with Creatives.

Meeting once a month for an hour, Coffee with Creatives is an event that was created for Art Entrepreneurs, but is open to all U students who are creative and innovative, or who want to improve those qualities in themselves.  The Lassonde Institute will bring “creative professionals” to share their business expertise and wisdom in addition to holding a Q & A session.

Attending students come from a variety of different colleges within the U, so anyone is welcome to join. Additionally, community members who are already entrepreneurs or are looking to get a business started are free to join as well. This contributes to the general purpose of the Coffee with Creatives events as contributors share unique perspectives and questions stemming from their educational backgrounds.

Most recently, Coffee with Creatives hosted U alumnus Cory Huff. A digital marketing strategist and creator of The Abundant Artist, Huff spent time personally greeting everyone who was in attendance before beginning his presentation on what he calls “The Hidden Path” to finding success as an artist. Identifying one of the main problems artists have, going from creating art for fun to making a profit, Huff expounded on his years of experience and provided those in attendance with insights on how to find ideal clients and market to them, as well as creating authentic relationships. “Give people an emotional reason to resonate with your work,” he advised.

His tips, though specifically targeted towards art entrepreneurs, easily transfer to those simply wanting to better understand good selling points and the best ways to market a new business.

Coffee with Creatives provides students with a chance to socialize and learn as they enjoy meeting with professionals who share their business journeys and advice. Join the next gathering on Thursday, Oct. 6th at the Miller Cafe within the Lassonde Institute Building at 10-11 a.m. Be sure to bring your questions and ideas!




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