Emily Higgins and Nadija Demic, good friends and students at the U, are this week’s college street style features. Both are first year students. Nadija Demic is studying emergency medicine, and Emily Higgins is also going into the healthcare field. Although they do not consider themselves style savvy, they had quite a few of things to say when asked style questions.


The two were sitting together outside the Union relaxing under the trees in the afternoon between classes. Demic was wearing a denim button-up top from H&M and Higgins was wearing workout-inspired wear with a new black workout top she recently purchased from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

When asked about the items repeated in their wardrobes and what they wear most often, Demic responded by saying, “Definitely a lot of sneakers,” and plain-colored tees as well as black and white ones. You may agree with her on her style choices as plain tees keep things simple and are easy to put together with almost any bottoms.

“I wear a lot of black and just like darker colors and not a lot of patterns,” Higgins said, adding that patterns are a bit more difficult to wear. Wearing the classic black tee never goes out of style,  and should be a staple in your closet as it makes putting together an outfit extra simple. Pair underneath a bomber jacket, tuck it into high-waisted pants or wear it underneath a dress as seen during this year’s New York fashion week. Even though it may seem a bit odd, give it a try.

SHOPPING TIPS                                                                                                                                  

The friends are most likely to be seen shopping at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Footlocker, or Clarks, or Forever 21 as a more inexpensive alternative.

Higgins would define her style in one word as “comfortable,” since that is her top priority in getting ready for school.

If they had to spend the most money on one style item, they both would use that cash to buy a pair of good quality shoes. “Definitely shoes as well, because that’s like the first thing I notice [when meeting someone],” Demic explained.

The last pieces of clothing they each bought were workout clothes. Higgins laughed at the fact that she was actually wearing the new item that day, while Demic said she bought lots of workout clothes at Footlocker most recently.


Higgins and Demic both get most of their style inspiration from Pinterest. Those of you familiar with the website and mobile app will know it has a wide collection of photos to help you come up with ideas on what to wear. Demic also likes to see what Kanye West is wearing, as she finds him to be a style icon of our generation.

As for advice to other students, Higgins said, “Wear what you want, be who you are… I always go for comfort.”

“Honestly, nobody really cares how you dress in college, come your own way, come comfortable, have running shoes for sure,” Demic added. Running shoes are certainly a wise idea on a campus as expansive as ours.


The trend they’ve noticed while on campus for a few weeks is that “people wear a lot of Nike shoes, I guess,” Higgins said, or athletic clothing.

When it comes to world trends, Demic relies on whatever Kanye wears. But the two of them generally wear what they want to wear based on comfort, and they recommend you do the same.




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