Fan reactions from The Utah Vs. USC game at Rice Eccles Stadium Friday September 23, 2016. Daily Utah Chronicle Adam Fondren

Getting tired of wearing the same outfit to every single game? I’ve curated a few essentials that make it easy to pull a quick outfit together that shows pride for the U and includes a bit of your own style.

The U’s colors are red, black and gray, which should work for your blouse, tee or tank-top (depending on if its a black out game or not). Here are a few layers and bottom pieces to wear besides overworn jeans if you want to switch things up.

Many of you in the MUSS may be wearing a red top if you bought your season pass ahead of time. Those who aren’t in the MUSS however, have a bit more freedom with color choices. Consider your top when pairing it with the bottom pieces I’ve given as your inspired choices.


When wearing a red, black or gray top, keep in mind the look you are going for; like classic, relaxed, preppy, girly, edgy, eclectic or bohemian style.

After you find the top you want to wear, find a bottom piece that furthers your style choice by browsing below.


Are you going on a date or feel like dressing up for the game in case you go out afterwards? If you want to stay classic and on trend, pair your top with a button-front skirt. This is a fun way to make your look more girly without going overboard. Keep it classy with a denim or black button-front skirt, as both stood the test of time.


Try overalls if your style is more laid back. Overalls are making a comeback from the 90s, and more and more people have been seen wearing them, especially among students. Denim overalls make a perfect casual staple to your outfit; leave one side unbuttoned for an even more relaxed look.


If you’re going for something along the lines of preppy, pair your top with shorts and tights. Fall is approaching and that means chillier game nights. Wearing a pair of tights with shorts can keep your legs from freezing during games.


Guys, you may not have as many options as the ladies, but you still have some to choose from, so don’t revert to those jeans you wear to every game either. You never know who you’ll run into at the concession stands.


If you’re going for a bit of a grungy look, pair your top with ripped up jeans. Black jeans with rips near the knee give a subtle-edgy vibe. Adding a leather jacket completes the look, if edge is what you’re looking for.


Being casual is an easy thing to accomplish by wearing a pair of light wash jeans. The light wash of the jeans maybe a nice change from your usual medium wash jeans, giving off a clean, casual appearance. These are seen worn with Converse, but maybe mix things up a bit and wear high top sneakers from a different brand for more individuality.


What’s a sports game without sports attire? Maybe you’d rather wear some sporty sweats or running shorts. Perhaps you have a jersey you like. Go for it! Just as long as you haven’t worked out in it right before – that may prevent you from making friends with those around you.


One vital essential for football games is a jacket. You can never go wrong with bringing along a jacket, especially when there’s a chance of rain. Tie it around your waist if it gets too warm. Jackets in a neutral shade are the easiest to layer with, as they match almost anything.

Say NO to flip flops and sandals, and say YES to tennis shoes, boots and flats. Why? If you haven’t already noticed, crowds of people mixed with cheering can cause some damage. To avoid potentially hurting your feet, wear shoes that cover your toes. You won’t regret the decision when you’re walking back to the TRAX station or your car.

Remember to take a small purse or a wallet that can hold a few essentials, such as your driver’s license, student ID, ticket, phone, some cash for snacks and water and whatever else you think you may need, such as sunglasses and lip balm.

One last thing: don’t forget to show some pride for the U by accessorizing or adding face paint to your look.

See you out there!



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