Aman Kaushal is pursuing a master’s in Information Systems here at the U. He moved here from his home in central India only a few months ago to continue his studies. Inside the warm CRCC building, safe from outside where a storm was stirring things up, he discussed a few details of his school style.

Winter Shopping

Kaushal is prepared to battle the winter, having recently shopped for winter clothing, from a new coat to a cap and gloves. “I’m not used to this kind of cold,” he said, explaining that where he’s from, it doesn’t ever snow. For those of you who don’t enjoy snow, you might be thinking that would be nice to never have to see it, but Kausal also mentioned that it is really humid where he’s from. There’s certainly a give-and-take.

For the few months he has been here, he’s gone to shop at the Park City Factory outlet stores to find the winter clothes he now wears. He also said that he went to Burlington. In case you were wondering, these brands are available in India. Kaushal said, “You can buy each and every brand in India nowadays.”

Favorite Clothing

On the subject of brands, Kaushal’s favorite brand would have to be Adidas, but he also quite likes Levi’s too. When describing his style for school he explained, “It’s basic and simple, but you can mix and match and you can wear different combinations.” He usually wears checkered shirts or plain tees with jeans, as that simple combination works best for him. “The t-shirts I wear at home are usually like of superheroes,” he added. It just so happened he had on a hoodie with a superhero on it the day of the interview, along with his favorite color — black. Although he enjoys wearing black the most, yellow is his second favorite choice, he said.

Investment Piece

college-street-style-11-photo2-amanKaushal would spend the most money on a good jacket if he had the chance to. “I like leather jackets; I love them. Leather makes you feel awesome any and every day,” he said. You would likely agree if you’ve ever sported one, as leather jackets can make you feel like a million dollars. He wants to attain one in the future since he doesn’t currently own one; he’s in the saving process now.

Style Icons

Kaushal considers the famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, to be influential to his style as well as Robert Downey Jr. “[Robert Downey Jr.] is always wearing suits and ties; good beard and all,” he said.  Kaushal finds that those from Hollywood usually have a good sense of style generally, so he sometimes looks at his favorite celebrities’ style for inspiration.

Style Advice

For words of advice, which may be seem like common sense to some, Kaushal suggested, “Wear what’s comfortable… And according to weather also… The most important thing [is to] be comfortable…not just for sake of style or sake of trend…but for sake of yourself. You should feel comfortable in [your clothes] and you should feel confident in them.”

This fits with a common theme among the past students interviewed about style. Most have given advice to freshmen or other students on how wearing comfortable clothing is a must when it comes to what to wear to school. Wearing comfortable clothing may be a priority, but keep in mind that doesn’t mean wearing sweats to school, as you should still look presentable, which many style interviewees have also emphasized. It can be especially tough during the colder months, but layering can actually look stylish too!

When asked whether or not Kaushal thinks people view you differently based on what you wear, he quickly replied, “I don’t judge people on their clothing, so I don’t know about others, but I definitely don’t. It doesn’t impact me, like if someone is wearing something according to their desire and comfort level, I don’t judge them or I don’t change my perception about them. For me I don’t, but for others I don’t know what they think about me,” he explained.

As a new master’s student, Aman Kaushal approaches style with simplicity and functionality.



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