Christopher Landes a Mechanical Engeneering student showing off his teams Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle in the Olpin Student Union. Dec 1, 2016. Adam Fondren for the Utah Chronicle.

On the day he was interviewed, Christopher Landes was in the Union Ballroom finishing up group presentations for a senior Mechanical Engineering design group project. With everyone around him wearing bland, business casual attire, the bright blue scarf around his button up shirt that drew eyes to Landes’ unique style.


“I like to go to Uptown Cheapskate,” Landes said when asked about his preferred stores. “I like the thrift store stuff that’s once used, it’s got more style. I don’t like department stores; they’re trying to tell me what to wear, and I don’t like that.”

He’s got a point, since much of the time only the particular trends of the season are at most stores, while other styles are left out.

He added, “If I feel good about what I’m wearing, then it must be what I should wear.” Rather than stick with styles found at department stores, he would rather create his own unique style.


When it comes to his go-to clothing pieces for colder weather, he explained, “I have a couple different pairs of Vans, and then I like the slim dark jeans, and not always a collared shirt; but if I do [wear one], I like the sleeves rolled up.”

He also said that he has a lot of black tee shirts, some with graphics and some without. Explaining his preference for black, Landes said, “It’s easier to find a t-shirt that fits you well [when it’s black or white].”


If Landes were to splurge on a particular item of clothing, he’d choose to spend his money on a good jacket. “If I wanted a nice jacket, I’d be willing to spend more. If it’s jeans or shoes, I’ll get them at the thrift store,” he said.


The last clothing item Landes has bought was from a local artist’s clothing line. “I think I bought a tank top from IHsquared. He’s a local artist,” Landes said, referring to Isaac Hastings, the Salt Lake City local behind IHsquared. Landes mentioned how he’s seen Isaac’s artwork at local art events, so keep your eye out if you go to any. Or, if you’re curious about the local clothing line, check out Hastings’ website here at


When asked about what words he’d use to describe his style, Landes energetically responded with, “I wear what I want.” He then went on to say, “If I see somebody wearing something I think is similar, I’ll change it because I don’t want to look like I’m copying somebody.”


“With guys the hair trend has gone kind of a little bit more toward the pomp, you know the fade, the low cut and I just barely got my hair long enough to put it in a top knot!” Landes said, commenting on one of the troubles with constantly revolving trends. He’s excited to rock the man bun, even if it’s not trending anymore, because he doesn’t care; if anything it makes him stand out more.


Does your major impact what you wear? was a question Landes responded to with an enthusiastic “Yes!” before adding, “A lot of engineers will wear like tennis shoes with their jeans and a bad polo–I hate that. It’s usually like a lot of good examples of what not to wear.” For Landes, looking good and doing your own thing is clearly the most important. “If you can look good, when you’re doing a math or scientific major, I think it says a lot about— ‘Oh, I’m a well-rounded person, I’m not just the dude you’re going to stick in a cubicle and have them do calculations all day.’ I’d rather be the guy out in front talking about it,” he said.



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