Blacks and earth tones dominate business scholars freshman Ben Schettler’s outfit, which blends laid-back streetwear with just a hint of high-fashion refinement. The staple piece, a thrifted military coat, was thrown over a plain black pullover sweatshirt paired with black denim from Zara, Kodiak winter boots and a sleek Apple Watch.

Personal Style

When attempting to sum up his look, Ben pointed to various sources  for inspiration ranging from the slopes, to rap music, to the European fashion scene. “I think skiing has definitely influenced my style because I tend to wear longer and bigger cuts,” he said. “These are styles that I’m accustomed to and it’s what I feel comfortable wearing day to day.”

For other inspiration Ben drew together some surprising answers. “Living abroad for my LDS mission kind of opened my eyes to how people in other countries dress, especially in France and Switzerland. So I think just coming back and implementing the things I’ve seen there along with what I did before I lived abroad is very important. I also look at a lot of rappers like A$asp Rocky, I like the way he dresses a lot. So a lot of rap and European influence,” he said.

Shopping Tendencies

Those who consider themselves passionate about fashion tend to make it a habit of shopping frequently and spending a fair amount of money in the process. Ben’s shopping tendencies certainly go against the norm in that category. He buys things sparingly, and only after becoming infatuated with that article of clothing. This habit surfaced when discussing Ben’s preference to shopping in the store instead of online. “I normally buy in store just so I can try it on and see how it looks. I’m actually really particular when it comes to my clothes; I can go through a whole store and touch everything and leave without buying anything. I have to really really like it if I’m going to buy it. So I don’t ever leave a store having purchased something that I don’t absolutely love.”

This particularity was taken to the extreme when Ben was searching for the perfect pair of boots. “When I was looking for boots I didn’t want big honking, bulky ones. It actually took me about a month to find the boots I wanted. I ended up trying on about 15 pairs of boots before I bought these. I actually found them at REI.” The balance between rugged utility and modern design made these an instant win and worthy of a purchase, as he explained.

Favorite Spots

Ben’s unique blend of skater and higher-end fashion was again revealed when
discussing his go-to shopping destinations. “My favorite places to shop, at least in the U.S. are Zumiez and Pacsun, which carry that skater-ish streetwear look. I also really like Polo and designer brands like Calvin Klein.”

Ben praised local Salt Lake City shop, 2nd Track Sports, for carrying local product as well as having competitive pricing. “2nd Tracks Sports is a low-key name that’s more local to Utah,” he said. “I like to go there. They sell big brand stuff but you find really good deals. You also find local stuff that people have made, especially with ski-wear.”

Thoughts on Male Fashion Trends

European style is known for being much more form fitting than U.S. fashion, especially when it comes to pants and denim. This look has certainly made it’s way over to American consumers and Ben is extremely pleased with this long-running and current trend. “I really like tight pants for guys. Any type of pants, as long as it’s tight, I’m a big fan of it.”

Ben is also looking to invest in another massive men’s fashion trend.  “I really like jean jackets. I don’t have one yet, I haven’t found the one, but that’s probably the next move I’m going to make.”

On the other hand, extremely fitted caps or “dad hats” received quite a bit less approval from Ben. “I just prefer a straight to a low curve brim. If I wanted to wear a hat like that I’d go in my dad’s closet. I’m just not a fan of small-brim hats personally.”


Finally, Ben stays rather regimented when it comes to grooming. “I think grooming is super important, I get my hair cut at least once a month. I go down to the barbershop quite a bit. The mustache I kind of let go a little bit more. Why not,” he said.

Any of those who have experienced living abroad for an extended period of time will tell you what a life-altering experience it can be. It seems for Ben, his time serving his mission in France and Switzerland has manifested itself in how he chooses to dress.



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