If you have logged on to social media lately you have probably seen a variety of topics such as #deleteuber or #proteststarbucks with a thousand different follow-up articles. Our feeds are cluttered with opinions from both the left and the right with seemingly more hate than love.

With the new presidency, a new protest each week and opinions being thrown around left and right, the question arises if being logged on is in our best interest. It’s one thing to be educated with what is going on in our world today, but with so many “alternative facts” and informational strings being pulled in different directions, are we really getting the correct info?

I know others pose many of the same questions as myself. While I wish there was an answer as to whether we as a society are really getting the correct information, sadly all seems particularly subjective in this political era. So many “news” breaks seem to take on equal importance. For example, if I’m not seeing what new executive order is being signed I’m knowing what Kim Kardashian is eating for lunch.

As politically motivated as most news organizations are, none are truly informative.

What’s the verdict then? After spending more than enough time scrolling through my multiple feeds and truly wondering where the love is, I would say logging off occasionally would be the best option. Now more than ever I would argue we should “disconnect” and give our minds and hearts a break. It’s like each time I log on to Facebook I experience a new kind of heartbreak, and while there is good in the world it’s the negative that is widely highlighted.

Whether this means completely logging off for an extended period or checking social media less frequently I would advise taking a step back. Get out and see the world from a fresh point of view, remember all the good there is and try not to dwell on what we cannot change.

Unplug and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. At the bare minimum, smile today. There really is good to be celebrated.





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