Symphony of Rock: Foxygen Play State Room this Wednesday—a preview

Photo by Cara Robbins
Daniel Theriault

This Wednesday, the Los Angeles-based indie rock duo Foxygen will bring their musically dense sound to the State Room. The group is comprised of Sam France and Jonathan Rado will be bringing their latest album, “Hang,” which featured a 40 piece orchestra symphony.

Foxygen was first conceived while its two members were still in high school. They drew from rock history’s illustrious psych era, creating an experimental sound unafraid to wear its influences on its sleeves. With their fifth studio release, Foxygen is clearly firing on all cylinders, creating an LP that is anything but unsure.

While it isn’t possible for the group to bring along the large symphonic arrangement they used in “Hang,” the duo will be joined on the road by a nine-piece band, which includes all the usual rock instrumentation plus a trumpet, saxophone and trombone. Audiences who enjoyed Foxygen’s latest release will be more than pleased to see the grandiose sound of “Hang” translate to a live performance.

“Hang” has been applauded by critics for its excellent blend of musicality and melodrama and has proven to be yet another terrific release by the band. Entertainment Weekly were especially pleased with the project and underlined the group’s choices in influences, calling the album “as jangly and melodramatic as ever, thanks to Stones-indebted guitars, swelling strings and energetic saxes.” The Guardian also brought to light the albums varied musical palate, which somehow manages to work beautifully. “A phenomenal range of styles are lovingly spliced together, from funk to folk, but sweet melodies and sheer musicality make this an invigorating blast,” one of their reviews said.

“Get a load of these guys. These two young guys in the corner booth of a small bar […] There’s something about these two guys. Some sort of exotic mystique. They got an air of show business about ’em. Like talented actors. Like they’ve seen triumph and scandal and delirium,” reads a description for the new LP by Jagjaguwar, the group’s record label, in an attempt to capture the group’s compelling energy. This description gives an intimate look at France and Rado’s relationship with one another, one that hasn’t always been cohesive but has always managed to produce envelope-pushing music. This energy which always seems to be bursting with artistic intent has been known to translate on stage in a way that can only be described as charismatic.

Stage presence seems to abound for France whose unmistakable vocal delivery is as colorful as his performance. Below you can find France and Rado performing “Follow the Leader,” the lead single off of “Hang” on Conan O’Brien’s “Conan.” Anyone familiar with the Stones won’t be able to miss how much Foxygen draws inspiration from these rock icons. Everything from France’s vocals to his clothing and haircut scream Mick Jagger, while the swelling horns and electrifying guitars borrow strongly from the Stones.

For anyone in search of energetic and grand rock, the State Room is where you ought to be this Wednesday. Doors open at 7 p.m. with special guest Gabriella Cohen. Tickets are $24 and can be purchased at the following address:

Note that this is a 21+ event.

Foxygen Tour Trailer:

Photo by Cara Robbins courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR.



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