!!! is not a typical band name. They have released seven albums and are still developing their very own sound. Their name is intended as a unique, stand out title and is also reminiscent of the bush language spoken by mankind’s earliest ancestors. They were first introduced to music as many are, listening to “dad’s old mixtapes” said lead singer Nic Offer. Offer’s favorite tape was a Bee Gee’s disco tape. Today, however !!!’s sound is most often called dance-punk. Offer feels “there is always an aspect of punk. It’s a reflection of my formative years.” He does admit however punk has become “shorthand for an attitude rather than a sound.”

Formed in 1995, !!! has seen a lot of change over the years. They were originally two bands — Black Licorice and Popesmashers — that went on tour together and found they liked working together so much joined together and formed something new. Offer describes it as a “disco cover band and an experimental punk type band combin[ing] energies.”

Those combined energies have released several albums so far and show no sign of slowing down. Offer said his most recent album is always his favorite “It’s the closest to who [he] is at the time.” Offer exists in the music he said he is “always writing” that he “never stop[s] thinking about it and working on it.” Their new Albums was released by New York Records on March 19th. It’s called “Shake the Shudder.” Offer said the band “always thinks [they] are making a club mix but it never comes out that way.” This newest album has been an interesting new challenge as they tried to make it “a continuous mix, more like a DJ mix” which the band has never attempted before according to Offer.

Don’t miss !!! and their new songs on June 30 at Kilby Court for the oldest all ages venue’s 18 year anniversary. Advance tickets are $18 and they go up to $20 at the door.


Madge Slack
Madge is thrilled to be arts editor for her second year now. She is an English major and Theater minor graduating this spring May 2019. While she will be sorry to leave her amazing writers and friends behind she can't wait for whatever comes next and, more importantly, she can't wait to write about it.


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