Kingsbury Hall at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 5/14/17. Photo by Adam Fondren/Daily Utah Chronicle

Moving to a new city or into the dorms can be scary and exciting. However, Salt Lake City is a hotbed for the arts, and it hosts a slew of events and activities to prevent homesickness and break up the sleep-class-homework cycle.

The University of Utah campus itself is home to many fun and amazing places for those who love art, theater or nature. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is a beautiful hodgepodge of traditional and contemporary paintings, and it will reopen the doors of its permanent galleries on Aug. 26.  After reopening, admission is free to U students with a uID. Another fun and free museum to visit is The Natural History Museum. U students with a valid ID are able to explore a variety of exhibits on physics, bugs and vikings.

Kingsbury Hall in President’s Circle almost always has something going on. Tickets are currently on sale for a variety of events. “Make a Wish” and an “Alice in Wonderland” themed dance performance are slotted for mid-May followed by “The Moth” — an illustration of the art of storytelling, “40 Years of Dance,” Nick Cave, “Dancing with the Stars” and Alice Cooper. Additional information on upcoming events, ticket pricing and purchase is available online.

For those who like being outdoors, right behind the U is a canyon with a hike along Red Butte Creek. The hike isn’t too difficult, and it offers beautiful views of wildlife, flowers and other plants native to the area and the creek. Salt Lake City’s intriguing combination of the natural and the manufactured creates several lovely hikes close to campus. Ensign Peak is an easy hike to a park perfect for watching the sunset, while Memory Grove Trail is great for hikers of any skill level, and both are dog-friendly.

Red Butte Garden is beautiful to see any time of year, and students with valid ID are able to walk the grounds for free. Daffodils, lavender and magnolias are currently blooming, and as the seasons progress more of the gardens will come to life. The Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a free garden on 749 E and 500 S open to the public detailing the life and works of Thomas Battersby Child, Jr. The gates are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through September, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. October through March.

Food makes many of these expeditions into the city even better. Stop by the Boston Deli for savory sandwiches and the jazzy underground atmosphere in the basement of the building on 9 E Exchange. On 216 E and 500 S is Les Madeleines, a small French bakery that offers a breakfast and lunch menu with a variety of delicious desserts like their renowned kouing aman — a pastry coated with salted butter and fleur de sel to add crunch and a salted caramel flavor that keeps people coming back for more. Picnicking with these sweet and savory sandwiches is a great way to end an adventure.

Just off campus is B&D’s, a classic burger joint with excellent chicken fingers and even better milkshakes. And speaking of milkshakes, the U Pharmacy has a deli in the back with two-for-one milkshakes every Saturday. If your parents are in town, Porcupine is a great place to go with a variety of good food and heaping nachos the whole family can enjoy. Indochine has some great vegetarian options, and it is perfect when you’re in the mood for pho.

Long story short, there is plenty to do in Salt Lake City. This great city, much like its university, offers something for everyone.

Jaycen Eggleston
Jaycen Eggleston is an English major who makes a mean macchiato and is interning at the Arts Desk.


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