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Athletes at the University of Utah may come together on the field, but their music tastes are as varied as they come. The sports desk asked Utes from a wide range of sport teams, from volleyball to basketball to tennis to soccer, to see what type of music they like to listen to.

Erika Bean

Women’s basketball guard

“The team is always playing music consistently for game days, but a [it’s a] little different for me. I actually like to listen to gospel music before games to get my mind right and get prepared for the game.”

Brianna Doehrmann

Volleyball libero

“My music is very random, and I love music that I know the words to and that I can sing along to. My practice and game playlist has a lot of country, R&B and alternative rock. Chris Brown is probably my favorite artist.”

Gabe Bealer

Men’s basketball forward

“In high school we had one by DMX, “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” so I would for sure say that [needs to be on my warmup playlist].”

Rich Manning

Women’s soccer head coach

“I’ve been on a Brian Wilson, Beach Boys kick for about a year now. I like anything that gets the team bouncing and moving around. If it’s from yesterday or from 1950, I’m fine. Now if it’s from the ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s, then I’m really happy.

Tawnee Luafalemana

Volleyball middle blocker

“I like this guy named 21 Savage and this guy named Future.” Favorite song by Future is “Layup” and warmup song is “Bank Account” at the moment.”

Joe Woolley 

Men’s tennis player

“A band called the Arctic Monkeys. They are a British rock band and they are really good. They get me pumped up. I literally listen to the whole album. The first album gets me so pumped up. I put that on before a match and have been doing that for about three or four years now.”

Alexia Petrovic

Women’s tennis

“My favorite genres are probably country and pop, but before matches we listen to intense hip-hop and rap music, so that’s usually like in our car driving to our match. Our coach will blast the radio or the aux cord.”

Julian Blackmon

Utah football defensive back

“Before my games I listen to Roy Wood$, “Instinct.”

Caitlin Faust

Track and field distance runner

“I always listen to Future when I’m warming up. I like fast paced music that matches my intensity, but sometimes I don’t listen to music if I’m warming up with a group because I like to talk to my teammates to calm my nerves, too.”

Brittni Meservy
Brittni Meservy is in her second year with The Daily Utah Chronicle where she began as a sports writer and now serves as the sports editor. She has interned at ABC 4 Utah in the sports department, and she was previously the Editor-in-Chief of The Globe at Salt Lake Community College. Currently, she is a producer and reporter at ESPN 700 radio.


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