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Office: 801-581-6397
Fax: 801-581-FAXX

NEWS TIPS: news@chronicle.utah.edu / News Desk: (801) 581-8443
PRESS RELEASES: press@chronicle.utah.edu

Editor in Chief

Digital Managing Editor

Print Managing Editor

Production Manager

News Editor

Jacqueline Mumford — j.mumford@dailyutahchronicle.com

Assistant Editor: Ana Luiza Figueiredo Ramos — a.luizafigueiredoramos@dailyutahchronicle.com

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Palak Jayswal — p.jayswal@dailyutahchronicle.com

Assistant Editor: Chris Payne — c.payne@dailyutahchronicle.com

Sports Editor

Casey Overfield — c.overfield@dailyutahchronicle.com

Assistant Editor: Sammy Mora — s.mora@dailyutahchronicle.com

Opinion Editor

Elise Scott — e.scott@dailyutahchronicle.com

Assistant Editor: Nick Rush — n.rush@dailyutahchronicle.com

Photo Editor

Copy Chief

Investigative Coordinator

Elise V. Bailey — e.bailey@dailyutahchronicle.com

General Manager

Advertising Manager


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