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Crews Respond to Fires in Two Frat. Houses

UPDATED: Early on Friday, fire crews responded to two fires in separate U fraternity houses. Now they suspect arson was involved.

Children are not Negatively Affected by Homosexual Parents

Bezdjian: Children of same-sex parents have no disadvantage.

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Education needs to be about learning rather than grades

The fact that more students are hungry for more education means competition for higher education is intensifying.

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Top Stories

Child Abuse in Hollywood Needs to Stop
A new documentary exposes a long history of sexual exploitation in Hollywood.

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U Faculty Get Involved in Clean Water Project in Pakistan
The U is partnering with a university in Pakistan to provide clean water solutions for a nation in need of water.

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Celebrating Independence Day from the Outside, Looking In
How does one celebrate the 4th of July in the UK?

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