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ASUU to celebrate the awards in style

Celebrities sporting the latest trends in fashion8212;or lack thereof8212;will flock the red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony. The Associated Students of the University of Utah Presenter’s Office and the Free Film Series will host a live screening of the Oscar ceremony at the Heritage Center.

Showcase highlights training program

Spreading their wings, the Senior Players from the U’s Actor Training Program will be performing a showcase of selected scenes and musical numbers this weekend to express their talents.

This year’s company also includes a senior stage manager and one senior student from the general theatre studies program.

Early exposure to dangers helps students grow

Although I believe the U should maintain an environment that promotes education, doing so might overlook something. What can be neglected is a pragmatic consideration of preparing students for life outside the U and the elements they glean from their time here.

Utes to host 5 at home

The women’s soccer team has started off its season off going 2-0, winning its home and road openers. After their impressive start, the Utes received votes in the Top 25 Coaches Poll.