Letter to the Editor

By Jason V. Morgan


Last Friday’s “The Chronicle?s View” was a childish attack on the Associated Students of the University of Utah that lacked a solid foundation. The Valentine’s Day rally was well-supported by ASUU, and its administration should be congratulated.

ASUU was right to try to get warm bodies to the event by any reasonable means.

Providing pizza to students attending the rally was not at all juvenile. When involvement is needed, there is nothing juvenile about providing some enticements. This is especially true when considering that many students spent their lunch hours going to this rally or taking time away from work or school.

The complaints about the contests various groups held to attract ralliers were also unsubstantiated.

ASUU did not disrespect the intelligence of the University of Utah’s students. Students have continuous access to information about all the issues. However, getting students to do something about those issues is mostly a matter of telling them what they can do. The one issue touched on by The Chronicle that should be taken seriously is the fact that this rally was held really late in the legislative session. More smaller rallies should be held throughout the first two months of the year.

The Chronicle should not be so critical about methods which are reasonable?not infantile.

Jason V. Morgan

Senior, Computer Science