Chrony Travel Tips

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Are you spending your Spring Break traveling over seas or across the border? Before you go, you might want to consider these traveling tips:

Always carry your money in a money belt that stays inside your clothes. It may looka bit dorky, but it?s better than being stranded without money or a passport!

Know the exchange rates before you go, otherwise you?ll get swindled.

Only exchange a small amount of money at the airport or hotel. These places tend tocharge high service fees, so wait to exchange the rest when you get out on the street.

Always lock your suitcase, and then chain it to something in your room that can?t bemoved, like a radiator. This tip is especially important if you?re staying in a hostel.

Always bring a good pair of walking shoes and a water bottle. When you?rewandering around lost in the streets, you?ll be glad you did.

Make a copy of all your important documents, like insurance forms and passports, and have someone back in the United States hold onto them for you. If there?s an emergency, you won?t be stuck at the embassy waiting to get replacements.

Always keep a complete outfit and necessary toiletries, like a toothbrush and comb, inyour carry-on. This saves time and money if your luggage is temporarily lost.

Go to a travel agent, like Council Travel, and apply for a SIC (Student IdentificationCard). This card will give you discounts on hotels, food and transportation. It also offers an ?electronic safe,? where you can track copies of your personal documents.

Most importantly, know and follow local customs and laws. Just think Singapore spankings!