Letter to the Editor

By Arthur D. Broom


To John Greene, general manager KUER:

I recently received your March 15 letter attempting to justify the destruction of the finest public radio station in the Intermountain West. You failed utterly in your attempt.

For some time now you have been systematically draining the lifeblood of KUER and its outstanding classical music presentations, and replacing it with canned jabber. The 3 p.m. hour was replaced by something called, I think, “The World.?

Weekend programming by the incomparable Sheila Hayes, whose voice is almost as lovely as the music she played, has been replaced with arrant nonsense. Now you have, most ingloriously, eliminated one more piece of beauty from our airwaves.

Last Saturday, Maestro Keith Lockhart took the unusual step of urging his audience to take action against the cultural destruction engendered by your attempt to mimic KCPW?a station that already provides the area’s minimum daily requirement of drivel.

Since I know of no other legal way to protest, I write requesting that you remove my name from your mailing lists and contact me no further for the financial support I have provided in the past. I will be pleased to renew that support at such time as classical music is returned to its rightful place at KUER.

Arthur D. Broom

Associate Dean, Research and Planning