Letter to the Editor

By Robert Breault


I would like to publically congratulate Brian Watts on writing one of the most incredible pieces of moronic crap I have ever read. While I appreciate his right to an opinion, I must respond to the sophomoric diatribe he hurled in the direction of classical music and KUER.

Mr. Watts? reasoning and lack of intellectual insight trouble me, and the fact that he is allowed to spew his garbage in print makes me furious. In fact, using his own argument, I suggest that we close down the newspaper and re allocate The Daily Utah Chronicle?s resources to subsidize the free distribution of USA Today. Mr. Watts? ?Wayne’s World? attitude toward classical music is childish, and his “gut” has told him wrongly that people do not listen to it.

Many of us miss the KUER programming; in fact, we miss it very much.

There are other stations that have the exact same canned programming that KUER is now broadcasting. Our local voice is gone, the quality programming is lost, and there are many of us who are fighting mad about it.

Mr. Watts obviously knows very little about classical music, jazz, and radio ratings.

His editorial is proof of that.

KUER is a University of Utah entity. Its role and mission were similar to The Chronicle?s at one time. It has now mutated into a mouthpiece for national programming, and the lacuna that has resulted may never be filled.

If ratings are the bottom line, the university administration might mandate that you distribute as many newspapers as possible. Since The Chronicle serves such a niche market, perhaps it is time to replace it with something national.

Classical music thrives; in fact, it thrives in a growing market, and there are facts that back this up. Before you write an editorial, perhaps you should check your facts! For instance, while some classical music was written for royalty, the majority of it was certainly not.

Your gut may be a good barometer for where to find a cheeseburger, but is not the kind of thing I would trust if I were responsible for writing an editorial. Call me a poser or a leech if you like.

Call me uppity; call me any name you want! I certainly will not back down, and will continue to express strong belief that quality classical music is needed on the airwaves as much as The Chronicle is needed to balance the National Enquirer. I don’t have the time to address every aspect of your cheap piece Mr. Watts, but, MY gut tells me that 70 percent of it is simply uninformed, the other 30 percent is pure garbage.

Robert Breault

Faculty, Music