Letter to the Editor

By Eric Browning


I would like to alert the rest of the campus to the bias that exists in the College of Fine Arts and its annual art show. There was a call for more graphic design students to enter work for the show this year. Now, being as there are more fine art, drawing, painting and sculpture instructors than graphic design instructors, graphic design students are already at a disadvantage when it comes to the juries who select award recipients.

The only graphic design pieces to even make it into the show had quite a bit of the more traditional (read: non-computer) art qualities. This is an unfair bias against the graphic design students of which only one made it into the show by submitting graphic design work.

I feel that this is why I was discriminated against in the student art show. Also, there seems to be no limit to size of these pieces; there are sculptures nearly as big as I am, and they hog space and further limit the number of entries that can be received.

A serious review of the student art show needs to be conducted.

More space need to be given to this show. Failure to do so will continue to support the bias toward traditional “art.”

Eric Browning

Junior, Graphic Design