Letter to the Editor

By Christopher Condrat Sophomore, Electrical Engineering


On Sept. 5, Gary J. Konzak wrote a letter to the editor calling upon the Chrony to “clean up its act.” While most of the letter, I felt, didn?t require any kind of response beyond rolling my eyes, it was Mr. Konzak?s comparison of the Chrony to a high-school paper that prompted me to respond.

Comparing the Chronicle to a high-school newspaper is an insult. Having written and edited for a high-school paper, I can say that, in my experience, high school papers represent some of the WORST quality publications available. The writing in my high school newspaper was restricted by the teacher, much like I would imagine Mr. Konzak would like the Chrony restricted.

What did that produce? An incredibly boring newspaper.

By my standards, the Chrony is relatively tame. Take, for example, the University of Alberta newspaper, The Gateway, which allowed comics like Spacemoose (www.spacemoose.com). Such a comic, if printed here, would have people up in arms. Personally, I find Spacemoose hilarious.

If the Chrony intends on focusing its writing toward the audience Mr. Konzak believes it should, I will stop reading this paper.

The very fact that the Chrony exists today signifies that it DOES reach its intended audience, whatever that may be.

Christopher Condrat Sophomore, Electrical Engineering