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Letter to the Editor

By Joey Kilpatrick


In my wallet I have an American dollar bill which states, ?In God We Trust.?

It?s on all our money, because Americans trust in God. They do believe he?s on their side and that he represents everything good.

This great nation was founded upon Godly principles, and its people do put their trust in the Almighty.

Maybe Anne Nicksich, in her Sept. 19 opinion, ?Bush?s ?Good and Evil Rhetoric? Warrants Closer Look,? should reword her button to say, ?Anyone EVIL who claims God is on their side is dangerous as hell.?

We had reaffirmed on Sept. 11 that evil men are very dangerous.

This heinous act reconfirmed that evil does exist in our world. On the other hand, the actions of our people and others around the world after this tragic episode also reconfirm there?s good in the world.

So, there shouldn?t be any doubt about good and evil existing in the world, and this situation is about good and evil.

It is about what?s right and wrong.

It?s not about the religious agendas of President Bush or Osama Bin Laden, as Anne Nicksich?s article suggest.

Military action is necessary to bring those who are guilty to justice and to stop this from happening in the future.

We have to support all avenues necessary to stamp out terrorism and these terrorist.

I support our president and our government leaders, and I know they will try and do the right things for our country and the world at large.

The leaders of our country are good men and women, and they cannot be compared to the bin Laden?s of the world.

They will do whatever is necessary to protect life and liberty. They will uphold the constitution of this country, as that is their duty. They have sworn an oath to it.

If military force is used, then it will be necessary to achieve our objective.

I do not wish for innocent people to die from our hunt for terrorists or for the innocent citizens of involved countries to suffer needlessly, but history has shown that to remove evil from the world and restore peace there?s collateral damage.

We , as Americans, need to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

I do not know what our leaders are planning, but I do know they are experienced in life and will do the best they know how to protect us from any further harm and danger.

We have the right to live in our country peacefully and to enjoy our lives with our family and friends.

We should not live in fear of danger or possible further terrorist attacks.

This is not the time to call Americans arrogant. Most Americans are honest and loving individuals. Americans do love Americans, but we also love the people of the world.

This is evident by our past and current actions. We give countless billions to other countries in need because we respond to their cries for help.

Is this the characteristic of a selfish and arrogant nation?

I say no.

America does still have a sense of innocence about her. Most people in this country could never have imagined what took place on Sept. 11 because we are mostly a trusting and friendly people.

We are a great Nation, as our people are great.

If body bags do come back from this crusade, then it?s the price a nation pays for its freedom and way of life.

Our service personnel know this, and this is why most of them are in the service?to protect this great country from harm?s way.

We live in a real world with real dangers. For us to think otherwise is to live in a false sense of reality and make a larger mistake.

I know that if this evil is not purged from society, it will be back with even greater tragedy and destruction.

We did not bring this evil upon ourselves, but it was brought upon us by wicked men whose sole purpose is to destroy this great nation and what it represents.

That?s the bottom line, my fellow Americans?it all goes back to who we are and what we stand for. This is no religious matter, and to think otherwise is a deception. This is not the time to be divided as a nation. A nation that is divided cannot stand.

This is also not the time to bring up past mistakes or to tear down our people and leaders. May God bless America and its leaders in the upcoming decisions she?ll have to make.

Whatever she decides to do, I?ll support her. I just hope and pray it doesn?t take another attack and the loss of loved ones for all Americans to give their full support to this country and its leaders.

Joey Kilpatrick

Senior, Biology

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