NFL Better settle on Super Bowl Location Soon

Not knowing where one of the biggest sporting events in the world will be held is a large problem facing the NFL.

After the recent terrorist attacks, the NFL wants to push the Super Bowl back a week in order to complete a full playoff schedule.

However, the Louisiana Superdome, where the Super Bowl would originally be played, is reserved by the National Association of Auto Dealers on Feb. 3.

The NFL is trying to make a deal to swap dates with the Dealers association, but in case an agreement is not worked out, the NFL will have to find another venue to hold the Super Bowl in another city.

But what city should the game be played in, if not New Orleans?

The question was answered by New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who proposed that the game take place in the Meadowlands, in light of the recent terrorist attacks.

According to Schumer, the Super Bowl would pump in $400 million into the struggling economy of New York.

I know that this sounds like a great idea. We could have a great pre-game ceremony followed by an emotional game, but everyone is forgetting one minor problem.

What is going to happen in New Orleans?

The Big Easy is going to lose out on a tremendous amount of dough, with the hotel reservations and the amount of money that was being planned to pump into the economy of New Orleans.

The logistical errors that would surface if the NFL moved the game would be disastrous.

In order to compensate for losing the Super Bowl, the league is thinking of giving both conference championship games to the Superdome and a promise of a Super Bowl in the future.

Wait a second.

What if the Saints reached the NFC Championship game as a wild card and were to face the St. Louis Rams? The Rams come in with the best record in all of football, and they still lose their home field advantage?

Imagine the complaints flying in to NFL for that blunder. Maybe it should just fix the game like it fixed Super Bowl XXX, when Neil O?Donnell was the MVP for the Dallas Cowboys.

Other then that, another idea would be to shorten the Playoffs schedule and only allow one wild-card team per conference.

This idea has already garnered many complaints by NFL teams, because it would unfairly penalize several AFC teams, because of the amount of talent in the conference. Denver, Oakland, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Baltimore and Miami are very good teams that would comprise an amazing postseason field.

But under the proposition, we will see at least two of those teams cut out, and any chance of a sleeper making it?like San Diego?would be an afterthought.

Let’s assume the NFL screws New Orleans and changes the city where the Super Bowl would take place .

The leading candidate, as of this moment, is the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. The NFL might choose the Rose Bowl because of the weather in February, and it could easily accommodate hotel reservations in Pasadena.

On the other hand, it still could put the game in New York. However, have you ever been to New York in February? We would see another ice bowl, and after the emotional pre game, the viewers might just fall asleep.

It?s not like the Super Bowl is usually an exciting game anyway, and seeing a running back have 40 carries would not improve the experience.

Hotel accommodations would also be hell if the NFL moved the game to New York. Have you ever tried to get a good hotel in New York during a major event?

I understand the effect the pre-game would have on the country, but I just don?t think that it would work logistically, and I would probably have to plan a nice little nap during the Super Bowl if the game is going to be played in New York.

Through my continual rhetorical bias towards New York, you probably have figured out that I would like to see the game be played in Pasadena, if not New Orleans.

The game would be much more exciting. I hate to see a contest decided on a rushing game that averages about 2.8 yards per carry.

Games in snow and rain bore the hell out of me, and I would probably rather watch come good ol’ outdoor games.

The pre-game would be emotional anyway, with the singing of the national anthem being extravagantly presented.

As for New Orleans, it will probably just have another parade with many naked women. The turnout will be just as good, and will probably be more exciting. Hell, I would probably go there instead of the Super Bowl.

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