Letter to the Editor

By Catharine Sondrup, Junior, Women’s Studies


The other day, I ran into the law student, Steve Rinehart, who’s suing University of Utah?s Parking Services, in the Union.

He was talking to a group of three or four of us, and I thought what he had to say about some things is worth talking about.

Basically, he senses an attitude that pervades the upper levels of the U’s administration towards students: that they take them for granted and fail to look after their welfare or comfort like they should.

He believes, as do I, that this indifferent attitude has existed in this university for years, and that it trickles down through campus departments and divisions all the way to people like the parking enforcement officers?who he doesn’t seem to like very much (not surprisingly). It seems to me that parking services is the biggest single example of this (he calls them the “evil enterprise”).

Hearing what Parking Services has done over the past several years, I’m amazed that nobody else, from a student body of 25,000 strong, has risen to do anything about it.

The Daily Utah Chronicle is 95 percent of the way students get information, and maybe they should publish an article on the changes that have been made in parking on campus over the past 10 years. It’s shocking.

It’s too easy for us as students to be mindlessly boiled and taken advantage of without thinking about situations, or recognizing and resisting the impositions that we’ve been subjected to. As we love and are loyal to our school, I think it’s important that we “resist and insist.” We need to see some changes.