Int’l reports Met by Angry Villagers

KARAM, Afghanistan?Waving shovels and sticks, enraged villagers surged toward foreign journalists brought here Sunday by Afghanistan?s ruling Taliban militia to see what officials say was the devastation of a U.S. air attack.

?They are coming to kill us! They are coming for information, to tell the planes where to bomb!? angry and terrified villagers shouted as they charged the reporters. Taliban escorts held them back.

Sunday?s trip to the village of Karam in Afghanistan’s eastern mountains marked the first time since the U.S.-led air campaign began Oct. 7 that the Taliban has allowed international journalists into areas controlled by the Islamic militia.

The Taliban members, who escorted journalists to the village, claim nearly 200 people were killed here Thursday. If true, it would be the deadliest single strike by U.S. and British warplanes.