The Chronicle’s View

As the theme song of ?Cheers? so eloquently puts it, ?You want to go where everybody knows your name / And they?re always glad you came.?

In other words, everyone needs a place to go and find support in order to face the obstacles and hardships of daily life. Whether it?s a pre med student group or a campus ministry, people have a need to come together.

That is why the opening of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Resource Center at the University of Utah should be celebrated. Despite any personal or religious misgivings about the LGBT community, their rights as human beings to help each other should not be denied.

In this time of national turmoil and human suffering, the U community should take pains to treat each and every community member with the utmost respect.

Opening this center is a step in the right direction, but now it?s up to students, faculty and staff to continue fostering an atmosphere of tolerance by responding appropriately.

While it?s important to commend the U administration?especially the hard work of the dean of students, Stayner Landward?for this move, the opening begs the question, ?Why did it take so long??

To put it simply, the LGBT Resource Center was long, long overdue. As the flagship in the state?s armada of higher education, the U should have taken steps a long time ago to provide for its diverse community.

In fact, Utah State University already opened its LGBT Resource Center last week. Why a smaller university should have such a key resource before the U remains a mystery.

The administration and the LGBT community have been working for about two years now to provide this center. Obviously, somebody was dragging his or her feet.

As the state of Utah comes into the spotlight with the Olympics, people have been rushing madly to prepare.

From building new dorms to heightening security at football games, the administration has pushed to put on a good show and help the image of both the state and the university.

Thankfully, the LGBT Resource Center was opened in time to show the world our diversity, but it wasn?t necessarily due to any mad rushing.