The Chronicle’s View

Workers are already constructing the perimeter fence of the athletes? village, a strong symbol of the impending Olympic Games.

If you are not a hiker who enjoys the Bonneville Shoreline trails, then you probably haven?t noticed, but don?t worry, soon this security fence will line the entire residential halls of the University of Utah.

The security fence is a reminder of how the Games will affect the U. Residential students will have to pack up and move down to the old dorms, parking will disappear in mass quantities and increased security measures will restrict the movement of students.

These big-ticket items have received much attention from Olympic officials and the news media, but the Games will affect students on a smaller, but possibly more important, scale.

Each and every academic department will react to the Games in a different manner. That is the beauty of a campus which has central leadership, but tends to let the individual units take care of themselves.

This means one college may focus on short first and second session classes, while another may push online and distance-education courses. Chances are changes will exist between the departments in an individual college.

Administrators are worried that the Olympics will result in a decrease in enrollment, and therefore a decrease in revenue, which means department heads will come up with creative ways to attract students. They don?t want to see their bottom line hit due to the extended break from classes.

Others may simply ignore the Games altogether, and don?t be surprised if the class you sign up for has a special project that will need to be done over the Olympic break.

With the variety of ways departments may react to the Games, it is important for students to take a few seconds out of their hectic schedules to call their department office and ask some questions.

With registration starting in the first few weeks of November, it is not too early to plan for the Spring Semester.

Before you know it, the fence will be up, and the Opening Ceremonies will be underway.