2001-2002 The Daily Utah Chronicle Ad Rates

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80 column in
40 column in
20 column in
4.25 x 5 in
10.75 x 16 in
10.75 x 8 in
8.5 x 5 in
25 x 29 picas
64 x 95 picas
64x 47 picas
51 x 29 picas
8.5 x 10 in
4.25 x 10 in
2 x 4 in
51 x 59 picas
25 x 59 picas
12 x 23 picas
4.25 x 3 in
25 x 17 picas
Display Advertising Rates

Local Rate: $10.00/column inch
Display Classified: $12.00/column inch
Agency Rate(Gross): $11.77/column inch
National Rate(Net): $17.00/column inch
Campus Rate: $9.00/column inch

Ads that are wider than inches down will be charges a 15% banner charge. Ads six inches and under are categorized as display classifieds and will be placed within the classified ads. All ad prices include layout, typesetting and camera shot (stat) for production. Additional camera work, stats, proof changes and extra production may incur nominal fees.

Classified Advertising Rates

1-20 Words: $5/day $20/Week $60/Month $180/Semester
21-40 Words: $7/Day $28/Week $84/Month $252/Semester

Classified ads must be prepaid. Ads may be mailed in with payment, faxed (801-581-3299) or e-mailed with credit card information. Regular classified copy is set in 6 point caps and lower case. The Chronicle must be notified of errors the first day of publication for make-goods. No contracts are available. Ads with all caps are 25% additional charge.

Online Rates

The Daily Utah Chronicle (www.dailyutahchronicle.com) has online advertising at the following rates:

96 x 96 pixels $50 a month
486 x 60 pixels $100 a month

The Daily Utah Chronicle accepts online ads in the following formats: gif, png, jpg, Java and Flash. Additional sizes are available upon request. For further information about online ads direct all inquires to Mark Ogden ([email protected]).

Contract Rates

The Daily Utah Chronicle has volume contracts available for the academic semester only. Unfulfilled contracts will be billed at the achieved rate. The following rates are per column inch:

Volume 1 -Minimum 100″ Per Semester: $8.25
Volume 2 -Minimum 200″ Per Semester: $6.90
Volume 3 -Minimum 300″ Per Semester: $6.45
Volume 4 -Minimum 400″ Per Semester: $5.90
Volume 5 -Minimum 800″ Per Semester: $5.70
Volume 6 -Minimum 1200″ Per Semester: $5.50


Our average daily circulation is 16,000.

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