Feds Investigate UNLV, Officials Silent

By By U Wire

By U Wire

LAS VEGAS?Campus officials refused to discuss the content of recent interviews they had with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has visited University of Nevada-Las Vegas twice since Sept. 11.

“The university was approached by the FBI, and that’s all we can say right now,” said Tom Flagg, director of news and public information.

FBI agents first visited campus one week after the terrorist attacks. They also came two weeks after that, sometime in the week beginning Oct. 1, officials said.

The FBI is “just trying to investigate what happened [Sept. 11],” said Sook Hollingshead, director of International Student Services.

FBI officials began inspecting the background of foreign students enrolled at more than 200 universities across the nation as a form of national security. One hijacker reportedly entered the United States on a student visa.

Campus police also reported communicating with federal authorities and plan to schedule further discussion.

“I expect we may be contacted because [one of the terrorists] was here, but I didn’t compile or give out information to the FBI,” said Sgt. Don Drake, referring to reports that several suspect terrorists had visited Las Vegas twice prior to the attacks.

Two UNLV students, both from Lebanon and of Palestinian descent, reacted to the federal measures taken to examine foreign students.