Man Blows Self Up When Discovered

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JERUSALEM?A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up when Israeli commandos stormed his hide-out Thursday, while a Palestinian official said Europe is working on an initiative to stop 13 months of Mideast violence.

Before daybreak, the Israeli border police special anti terror unit stormed the building where the bomber was hiding in the West Bank town of Baka al-Sharkiyeh, just across the invisible boundary with Israel.

The Palestinian detonated the explosives, killing himself and wounding two commandos, said Lt. Col. Amos Yaakov of the border police. Police said they believed the bomber intended to blow himself up in an Israeli city.

The militant group Hamas said the bomber was acting on its behalf. It issued a statement identifying him as a 22-year-old student from the West Bank, saying the commandos were his target and pledging to “kill 100 Zionist soldiers in revenge against Israeli oppression.”