Rescuers Seek Out Flood Survivors

ALGIERS, Algeria?Rescuers sifted through caked mud Tuesday, seeking survivors of flooding and mudslides that killed nearly 600 people in the Algerian capital. More rain was in the forecast.

The official death toll stood at 579.

Some Algiers newspapers estimated deaths could climb as high as 1,000 when devastated areas are searched.

Mud clogged the narrow streets, where residents expressed fury at what they called the government’s lax response to a weekend mudslide triggered by heavy rains that devastated several working- class neighborhoods.

“We are revolted by the complete absence of the authorities,” said Messaoud, a 52-year-old administrator who declined to give his last name. “The army didn’t even send helicopters to rescue people who sought refuge on the roofs, but when it comes to cracking down on a demonstration with tear gas, the helicopters are there.”