U Employees Asked to Give to Family Fund

It’s not quite Christmas, but at the U, ’tis the season for giving.

The University of Utah Development Office is sending out thousands of pamphlets asking employees to donate to the U as part of an annual in house donations drive called the Family Fund.

The money can be given to the department or auxiliary of the donors’ choice, said Jeff Driggs, director of Annual Givings.

“We don’t expect them to give a lot. If they can give any at all, it really helps,” he said.

The small amount of money donated by employees helps the U bring in much larger donations. The Development Office brags to potential donors?alumni, corporations and friends of the U?that employees who work in the programs also donate.

“The employees’ contributions become reasons to donate. They work here, they know the students and they understand the programs. If they contribute financially, others will also see the need to donate,” Driggs said.

It’s the avalanche affect. Small employee-donations could help bring in millions of dollars, he said.

Last year, the U raised $2.1 million dollars from U employees. The amount has increased more than 30 percent in the last three years.

Driggs said he understands that the cooling economy will affect the amount of donations. This year, from watching alumni donations, the Development Office doesn’t expect the amount to increase.

Driggs hopes the Family Fund drive will imitate the alumni donations by not decreasing.

Employees traditionally donated significant amounts of money to scholarship funds, libraries, KUER, KUED, museums, the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Crimson Club.

Donations can also be taken out of U pay checks for convenience.

“There are so many students and programs that need more funding. Scholarships help the U get the best scholars from all over the country while diversifying the U. Extra money helps departments offer needed courses and programs,” Driggs said.

More than 600 employees have already donated money for the hospital expansion project.

Employees who wish to donate should contact the Development Office.

[email protected]