Letter to the Editor: the Demands of Uncharitable Guests

By Scott Larson, First Year, Medical School


As a student of the University of Utah, I find the parking situation intriguing.

The main problem is that I (or any other student for that matter) am too worried about my classes to take time out of my schedule to lobby for my parking stall?a parking stall that I paid $120 this year to use.

So, when the U announced it would donate 3000-plus parking stalls to the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, I loved the solution. Basically, they encouraged the students to use public transportation.

I don’t know if anyone else has clued in on this important point. THEY encourage US to use public transportation. Is anyone listening?

How kind and generous for them to allow us to take public transportation. This is a well thought out solution in which they are not inconvenienced, while the lowly student needs to make accommodations.

Here is my question. Why don’t THEY take public transportation? Aren’t they our guests? Shouldn’t they also try to make accommodations for the overall problem?

I find it hard to believe that it is easier for students to find the way up to campus on public transportation than for any average Olympic worker.

This is just another example of how students are put to the side because we are focusing too much on school rather than lobbying for a dumb parking stall.

“What is my solution?” you ask.

“Get there early for the three open spots,” is my reply.

Scott Larson, First Year, Medical School