Letter to the Editor: Toppling the U’s Parking Tyranny

By Carlos Buckner, Junior, Bioengineering


I would like to express my support for Steve Rinehart and wish him well in his endeavor to topple the parking tyranny at the U.

Although I do not own a parking permit, I agree that those who have bought them have been treated dishonestly and that parking services needs to compensate those it has cheated and lied to.

Furthermore, I would like to punctuate Rinehart’s bold endeavor with a plea to the student body. Parking services has encouraged all of us to rely more heavily on public transportation?car pool, and other alternatives?to the single occupancy vehicle. They have reported that ridership on the Utah Transit Authority system has increased since the students were robbed of their parking rights.

And if anyone dare say that they are “privileges” and not “rights,” I will contend that they have been paid for. The students therefore have a right to the service they have bought.

I heartily encourage all students to learn the lesson that parking services would have us learn: that they don’t want us. We have learned that alternative forms of transportation exist, and we don’t need to support the communist plot that is parking services.

Let us all boycott parking services. Next year, let none of us buy their silly permits. Let’s see where that takes that evil institution. They have told us that we are not welcome on our own campus. Let us send them that message ourselves.

May providence smile upon Rinehart and frown on parking services. Down with the tyranny!

Carlos Buckner, Junior, Bioengineering