Former U Anatomy Chairman Dies

Former Anatomy Chair Dies

Marcus Jacobson, U anatomy department chairman from 1977 to 1987, died of cancer on Nov. 12 at his home in Torrey, Utah.

Jacobson was a renowned researcher on developmental neurobiology and authored a textbook on the subject. He also donated his collection of Asian art and rare books to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. The U named him emeritus professor in 2001.

Jacobson is survived by his wife, two daughters, a son and six grandchildren.

Two New Pharmacy Fellowships

Watson Pharmaceutics have established two one-year $16,500 fellowships at the U College of Pharmacy. The fellowships will be available to first-year graduate students in the department of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry beginning in the 2002-03 academic year.

Department Chairman Jindrich Kopecek said the awards are not linked to any particular type of research and will go to the best students. “[Watson] needs qualified students in the industry,” Kopecek said.

Watson Pharmaceutics has funded U research efforts in the past. The relationship began in 1999 when Watson acquired Theratech, a Research Park-based company founded by a department alumnus.

Young Researcher Receives Award

Dr. E. Dale Abel, an assistant professor in the division of endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes, has received two awards recognizing his accomplishments as a young scientist.

Abel’s explanation on how the body regulates thyroid hormone level earned him the American Thyroid Association’s Van Meter Award. For his on-going research on diabetes’ effect on the heart, he received the AstraZeneca David W. Haack Memorial Award in Cardiovascular Research.

“By 40, you’re either going to make it or not going to make it,” said Abel, who’s 39. “[The age] is not a special number?[The award] is a way of encouraging and recognizing younger people.”

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